Baguettes - Evron Foods
European Union - European Regional Development Fund - Investment for Growth and Jobs
Evron Foods Ltd. is in receipt of a Grant for R&D support from Invest NI for an innovatory Bread Cone project. This project which is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020 aims to develop a unique-shaped new bread carrier with the objective of tapping into the rapidly growing food-to-go snacking sector.


Our baguettes are made to a traditional French recipe which includes a long prove time to intensify the flavour. You can expect an egg shell crust, light open soft crumb and a golden brown appearance when fully baked.

Our selection includes plain and seeded including Triplegrain, bursting with grainy goodness.

All of our baguettes can be supplied either part or fully baked (thaw & serve).


Product CodeDescriptionWeightUnits per caseCases per palletFormat
5123PB Demi Baguette140g325032 units bulk packed
2549PB Malted Demi Baguette160g603060 units bulk packed
5653PB Tiger Demi Baguette140g643064 units bulk packed
5677aPB Multigrain Demi Baguette170g325032 units bulk packed
5160PB French Stick 56cm225g323032 units bulk packed
5170PB Large Baguette 55cm465g203020 units bulk packed
5305Thaw & Serve Demi Baguette130g325032 units bulk packed
5305sSliced Thaw & Serve Demi Baguette130g325032 units hinge sliced & bulk packed
5308Thaw & Serve Malted Demi Baguette130g325032 units bulk packed
5185PB Panini 27cm160g405040 units bulk packed
5280PB Cheese & Onion Baguette140g365036 units bulk packed
5281PB Spicy Tomato Baguette140g365036 units bulk packed
5282PB Rye & Olive Baguette140g365036 units bulk packed